State Affiliate Tool Kit

The ASHP’s Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) aims to advance pharmacy practice and advance patient care in hospitals and health systems across the U.S. Support and engagement at the state level is critical to the initiative's advancement. This tool kit was designed to arm state affiliate leaders with turn-key tools needed to advance the PAI within their state. Thank you to the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin for their collaboration with ASHP and ASHP Foundation to develop this Self-Assessment Tool Kit.


To Do List for Implementation of PAI

Consider this "to do" list as a template for state affiliate involvement in the implementation of the PAI.  Sample documents and tools are linked throughout the list.  The activities listed below represent approximately 24 months of PAI activity led by the state affiliate.

Engage: Create a PAI State Leadership Team/Task Force
  • A leadership team might include key health system leaders from your state and/or those from your state that attended the PPMI Summit in 2010 [PDF]. Consider having 5 – 10 members serve on this leadership team
  • Consider including leaders from both small and large hospitals
  • Consider inviting students and residents
  • Gain a commitment from a volunteer chair or co-chairs to serve as "champions" for advancing the PAI in your state
  • Announce creation of Leadership Team to state affiliate members [DOC]
Prepare: Have all members of the State PAI Leadership Team review the PAI website
Discuss: Convene a meeting of the State PAI Leadership Team
  • Consider using this sample agenda [DOC]
  • Discuss how to advance the PAI in the state
  • Develop an HSA dissemination plan and completion goal (see below)
Promote: Promote statewide completion of PAI HSA and action plan
  • Compile a list of hospital pharmacy directors and contact information.
  • Set a deadline and goal for completion
  • Suggested completion goal: 60-80% of hospitals in state
  • Email HSA link with request for completion [DOC] through an email blast
  • Email HSA link as follow-up request [DOC] after four weeks
  • To enhance completion rate, have Leadership Team members and/or residents working with Team members contact individual directors
  • ASHP can provide status reports regarding completed assessments by contacting the Affiliate Relations Division.
Expand: Plan and conduct a forum at an upcoming state affiliate conference
Share: Plan and conduct a second statewide forum of hospital pharmacy leaders
  • This forum could be part of an existing state affiliate conference or a stand-alone event
  • Consider using this sample agenda [DOC]
  • Forum programming could include:
    • Explanation of objectives for the state-based PAI project
    • Review of data from the HSA
    • Sharing of best practices for implementation of PAI consensus statements
    • Next steps for PAI in state
Reconvene: Convene a third meeting of the State PAI Leadership Team
  • Review the survey data, to evaluate practice gaps suggested by state survey data. ASHP can provide you with a state-based report of practice gaps. Contact the Affiliate Relations Division for these reports.
  • Discuss and determine possible educational, policy, communication and resource efforts to close gaps
  • Determine how to present and discuss the state data at another statewide forum
  • Review and discuss outcomes of second statewide forum
  • Discuss role of state affiliate and ASHP in sharing and implementation of best practices

Additional Resources


For questions about PAI and assistance with using this tool kit, please contact the ASHP Affiliate Relations Division.

ASHP and the ASHP Research Education would like to acknowledge the hard work of the Residents, Preceptors, members, and staff of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin for their work on creating the resources for this Tool Kit. View list of contributors