The ASHP-ASHP Foundation Practice Advancement Initiative will assist leaders and practitioners to:

  1. Create a framework: Create a pharmacy practice framework that ensures all patients receive safe, effective, efficient, accountable, and evidence-based care;
  2. Determine services: Determine which patient care-related services your pharmacy department(s) should consistently provide,  and work to increase demand for pharmacy services by patients/caregivers, healthcare professionals, healthcare executives, and payers;
  3. Identify emerging technologies: Identify which current technologies support your implementation of practice advancement as well as any emerging technologies that might help or hinder pharmacy practice advancement;
  4. Develop templates: Create a template of what an optimal pharmacy practice should be (how to best use and deploy pharmacy personnel and resources). The best templates focus on actions that are operational, practical, and measurable.
  5. Implement change: Identify specific actions that pharmacy leaders and staff should take to advance practice, including determining what kinds of education, skills, and competencies all pharmacy leaders, pharmacists, and technicians should have.