Health Care Team

ASHP's Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI), formerly the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative (PPMI), aspires to transform how pharmacists care for patients by empowering the pharmacy team to take responsibility for medication-use outcomes.

The initiative, which is a partnership of ASHP and the ASHP Foundation, aims to do this by integrating pharmacists into health-care teams, leveraging the skills of pharmacy technicians, promoting pharmacist credentialing and training, encouraging the appropriate use of medication-safety technology, and ensuring pharmacists are leaders in medication use.

Why change from PPMI to PAI?
Since its start in 2010, ASHP members and state affiliates have widely embraced PPMI as a way to advance pharmacy practice in hospitals and health systems, using it as a framework to build pharmacists’ services in a number of areas, including informatics and ambulatory care.

As pharmacy practice evolves to include a broad range of practice types and sites, however, it has become clear that this initiative must be expanded to embrace more pharmacy practice settings. The initiative’s name, likewise, must clearly reflect that this is a comprehensive national program dedicated to practice advancement. We believe that PAI does just that. With this name change, we honor what has been achieved across the nation already while continuing to advance the profession even further.

Please note that the PPMI acronym will still be used to describe historical events, including the 2010 Pharmacy Practice Model Summit.

Transforming how pharmacists care for patients