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Video Gallery

Please note that these videos were made before PPMI became PAI; as such, they reference the former name of the initiative. However, the information they feature is still relevant to today’s PAI.

  • PAI Overview

    PPMI Overview [6:00 min]

  • Henri Manasse

    Thoughts on PPMI by Henri R. Manasse, Jr., Ph.D., Sc.D., former ASHP executive vice president and CEO [13:39 min]

  • Chris Fortier

    Chris Fortier: PPMI presentation focusing on technology and [3:58 min]

  • Burnis Breland

    Burnis Breland: Overview of the PPMI [10:58 min]

  • Emily Dotter

    Emily Dotter: A Student's Perspective of PPMI
    [3:27 min]

  • Fred Bender

    Fred Bender: PPMI at the State Level [5:03 min]

  • Kim Mason

    Kim Mason: Interview with a PPMI Participant
    [4:52 min]

  • Marie Chisholm-Burns

    Marie Chisholm-Burns: Rx to the Rescue [6:01 min]

  • PAI Consensus Summit

    2010 PPMI Summit [3:11 min]

  • NRPC 2010

    NRPC 2010: PPMI Perspectives [3:59 min]