ASHP’s Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative will:

  1. Create a Framework - Create a framework for a pharmacy practice model that ensures provision of safe, effective, efficient, accountable, and evidence-based care for all hospital/health system patients;

  2. Determine Services - Determine patient care-related services that should be consistently provided by departments of pharmacy in hospitals and health systems and increase demand for pharmacy services by patients/caregivers, healthcare professionals, healthcare executives, and payers;

  3. Identify Emerging Technologies - Identify the available technologies to support implementation of the practice model, and identify emerging technologies that could impact the practice model;

  4. Develop a Template - Support the optimal utilization and deployment of hospital and health-system pharmacy resources through development of a template for a practice model which is operational, practical, and measurable; and

  5. Implement Change - Identify specific actions pharmacy leaders and staff should take to implement practice model change including determination of the necessary staff (pharmacy leaders, pharmacists, and technicians) skills and competencies required to implement this model.