Tools & Resources


Listed below are tools that we have created to help you implement, measure, and manage pharmacy practice model change at your hospital or health system.

National Dashboard

National Dashboard

A set of goals and measures designed to provide a national, baseline measure of adoption of PPMI recommendations and allow measurement of progress over time. A total of 5 goals with 26 individual measures make up the scorecard. The scorecard will be updated annually with data from ASHP's National Survey of Pharmacy Practice in Hospital Settings. The national scorecard will be used primarily by ASHP/ASHP REF to report progress with PPMI. In time, state affiliates or large systems may wish to develop their own scorecard using the same goals and individual measures.
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Hospital Self-Assessment

PPMI Hospital Self-Assessment

A Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) designed to assess an individual hospital’s alignment with PPMI recommendations. The SAT consists of 106 questions assessing adoption of PPMI recommendations at the hospital level. Questions are weighted and the tool will generate a adoption “score” for comparison purposes, and will assist in creating a prioritized “action list” for the hospital.The SAT can be completed by any one describing services available at an individual hospital, but there will only be one “official” response per hospital for comparison purposes. Health-systems and state affiliates can use aggregate data from their system or state to determine strategic areas of attention or focus.
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State Affiliate Tool Kit

PPMI State Affiliate Toolkit

To help our state affiliates tip the balance for practice change, ASHP has introduced an implementation toolkit for the ASHP—ASHP Foundation Hospital Self Assessment, created in collaboration with the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin. The Hospital Self Assessment is a new web-based assessment tool to help pharmacists determine how their hospital or health system aligns with PPMI recommendations.
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C-Suite Resources

PPMI C-Suite Resources

Advancing patient care, by increasing pharmacist involvement on multidisciplinary teams, requires pharmacist leadership at all levels of the health care organization. Helping hospital and health system executives understand how team-based pharmacists can support the organization’s patient care mission and positively affect outcomes is a critical leadership responsibility. This tool kit, Engaging the C-suite to Advance Pharmacy Practice, provides practical resources that can systematically support your efforts to engage executives in discussions to advance patient care and pharmacy practice. View C-Suite Resources

Complexity Index Tool (Coming Soon)

PPMI Complexity Index Tool

From October 2011 through March 2012, ASHP and the ASHP Foundation convened an interdisciplinary Complexity Index Panel that was charged with providing expert consensus recommendations on the components of an index that can be used to prioritize hospitalized patients who require advanced, pharmacist-provided drug therapy management.  Provision of these expert consensus recommendations was the first phase of development of the complexity index.  This will be followed by further development, testing and multicenter validation of an index. The ASHP Foundation is currently seeking proposals for index development and initial testing.
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